We believe children learn best when playing and exploring, using all five senses. As parents and teachers, providing an environment that is both engaging and safe, that encourages play-based learning for our children is our number one priority. That is why we created the ExploraTray™.

The ExploraTray™ is a multi-use silicone play tray designed for sensory play, exploration and investigation. Made from 100% food grade silicone, the robust and sturdy tray is the perfect addition to any home or classroom.

The large play space makes it perfect for sensory activities, messy play with water, slime or foam, play dough, Lego and building blocks, counting, sorting, matching and much more. The carefully designed side pockets are ideal for holding all the materials and tools needed for your activities. Whether it’s scoops or tweezers, rakes or magnifying glasses, paintbrushes or pencils, your tray has space for them all. The ExploraTray™ will provide your child with hours of immersive play, building cognitive and motor skills and engaging their imagination.

The design of the ExploraTray™ makes it easy to empty, clean and store. The silicone base makes it non-slip on any surface allowing you peace of mind while your child plays. When finished, the design of the tray makes it easy to empty out all your sensory materials.

Going to the beach or the park? Take your ExploraTray™ with you for an on-the-go learning experience. Bring your surroundings into your tray for a nature inspired sensory experience.

The benefits of sensory play are endless. It enhances cognitive and brain development through problem solving, language development, creativity and imagination, fine motor skills, sensory awareness, exploration and experimentation as well as social and emotional skills when done with others to name a few. The ExploraTray™ is here to facilitate these benefits for your child.

About the ExploraTray™

Dimensions: L 37.5cm W 30cm H 6cm
Weight: 1.6kg
100% food grade silicone
Easy to clean
Dishwasher friendly
Sturdy and robust


Sensory play
Play dough
Messy play (water, foam, slime)
Exploration and investigation
Lego, building blocks
Counting, sorting, matching
Snack tray

*Product does not include sensory items seen in the listing photos.
*To best protect your ExploraTray™ and ensure a long life, avoid putting in microwave or oven.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

The ExploraTray is fantastic.
Very happy with purchase.
Shipping was quick.
Thank you!

Best Tray Ever!!

We’ve used a lot of play trays and I can honestly say this one is our favourite. It’s so easy to clean and store and perfect for all our play set ups. Highly recommend


Just received this yesterday already used and can tell we are going to use this for years to come love it

Thank you for your feedback! I am so over the moon that you already love it and do hope you will have many many years of fun x


Patsy Bemenderfer

We love this tray! For the price of the tray it is totally worth it and beyond. It’s much bigger than expected and I love the compartments on each side. Heavy duty and I love that it’s made of silicone as it’s so easy to wipe clean. Plus Laila made sure to check in every step of the way, super fast shipping!

Thank you for your lovely review! I am so happy that you are pleased with the price, size and durability of the ExploraTray and hope your kiddos will enjoy it for years to come.


Courtney Meakin

Such a lovely accessory to have for my children. They both love it and both have a lot of fun with it. I love that the messy play is compact so easier to clean.

The lady who I speak with is so lovely and so helpful.

Thank you so much! ❤️

Thank you for your lovely review! So incredibly happy that your little ones love it and I hope you will make beautiful memories in the future.

- Laila