Barefoot Buddies was born out of a love and passion for play-based learning and sensory play.
As a mother and teacher, providing children with the opportunity to learn through play has always been my number one goal. 
Barefoot Buddies was founded in 2021 out of necessity at time of great uncertainty and instability as a result of Covid and also being pregnant with our first child. 
Barefoot Buddies first came to life as as playgroup/preschool in a small beachside village not far from central Hong Kong. Eight months pregnant and firmly in control of my own destiny I  stepped into the great unknown that is being a first time business owner and entrepreneur. 
Our school is small and modest but is filled with joy and love from all our barefoot village kids who attend.  I was fortunate to be able to create a setting that my baby could join, in a community that supports play-based learning. From adversity, came tremendous opportunity for growth and new direction. I'm so grateful to have been able to  watch my baby grow in her earliest years.
From the beginning we have been documenting and sharing our journey on Instagram, slowly and organically growing a community of like-minded and enthusiastic moms and educators. While on this journey of sharing, the idea to create play-based products emerged and the ExploraTray™ was born. It is the first of hopefully many sensory play inspired products for children. 
This is only the beginning for us at Barefoot Buddies. We have big dreams and we hope you will join us for the journey!